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Knievel RecordsPosted by Peter Saturday, November 10 2007 08:58:18
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Torpedo : In The Assembly Line

1.Hospital 2.Hang Me High 3.From Russia With Love 4.Assembly Line 5. I Don´t Dig The Heartache But The Heartache Digs Me 6.My Evil Twin 7.Rabbit In The Headlight 8.Restraining Order 9.Loose The Hounds 10.Time Machine

The five young men got up early that cold and foggy morning. They met
down by the harbor and boarded the ship they had spent years constructing.
The crew weren’t any rookies, they where also working on other ships like
Tiger Lou, Firefox AK, Starmarket, Norma and Seven Feet Four. But
something about this journey felt very special, nobody knew why.
The journey they were about to embark on was planned to the detail.
The goal was to find something they had never seen before. They untied the
ship, pulled up the anchor and sailed away towards unknown waters.
After a couple of months on board a heavy storm attacked the ship.
The crew was thrown around, masts broke and water started leaking in from
holes in the hull. When they thought they were beyond any hope they
spotted land by the horizon. What they saw was an island, an island nobody
had ever heard of.
The castaways crawled up on the island and found that this place
had everything they were looking for; monotone krautrock, epic arenarock
and quirky indierock. There weren’t any limits here, as opposed to what
they were used to in the music dictatorship at home. Here was everything
aloud; saxophone solos, mountaintop guitars, cheesy pianos and harmony
vocals. They named the island ”Republic of Torpedo”.

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